For years,this was my official site. For years you all have visited, seen my updates, viewed my galleries and left comments and messages. Thank you. But for 2014 onward, I've moved to my new home(page) at http://rohankw.com. 

Let me also say thank you to Webon, and the Lycos team for providing this awesome service. They helped me realize my dream of having my own website, and they allowed me to explore my interests in web-design. They made it so easy and I had fun. Thanks especially for recognizing my efforts and placing this site as a Featured website on their homepage. That's a huge deal. 

So there you have it. My somewhat of a goodbye. I will leave all aspects of this site exactly the way it is and I will certainly visit often and maybe even add some things to it every now and again, but I'm moving now, so check me out at http://rohankw.com

Yours truly,


My Lil Scribble: What's the latest?

Had another "I need to update my website today" moments. Anyway, I have a cool new feature on the site, just click and find out what it is...And don't forget to share the word. Click the share this page link below, add me to your FB page!